Resolutions vs Goals

new-years-resolutionsWe’ve all done it…made a New Years Resolution with a promise to follow through…this time!

Maybe you wanted to lose weight, maybe you want to read through your Bible in a year, maybe you want to spend more time with your kids and less time with your phone, maybe you want to watch what you eat or drink more water…no matter what the resolution may be, here we are, a month later…

Have you stuck to your resolutions?  Have you made those changes in your life?  Some people say it takes 21 days to create a new habit in your life, so have your new habits stuck?

This year I decided NOT to make resolutions!!!  GASP……she went against the grain!!

I decided to make GOALS this year!

The difference is this {to me at least}…Resolutions are made to be broken, goals are made to be achieved!

Let me explain.  New Years Resolutions are often some large life changing thing that needs to happen.  Like the resolutions in the picture.  We throw those things out into the universe and expect something to happen.  We haven’t exercised a day in our life, but now all of a sudden we are going to go running 4 days a week…we love our fast food restaurants and we eat there at least twice a day but we decide that there will be no more fast food this year…we want to Read 40 books this year but we end up reading only a few for who knows what reason.  Why do we fail at the resolutions we make?  Why have I failed at the resolutions I’ve made?  Lack of planning.  We put the end desire out there but don’t attack it with a plan.

That’s why I decided to make Goals this year instead of resolutions :]  Goals have a plan of attack with them.  Goals can be short term or long term and I have some of both.  The difference is that I have a plan this year!  One night I sat down and wrote down spiritual, physical, family and business goals.  Here are a few..



  • Attend 4 to 5 yoga classes per week
  • Take lunch to work rather than buy fast food


  • Get off the phone and get in the present with my kids/hubs
  • Date nights with hubs 1x/month in home or out


  • Hand out 5 business cards per day
  • Read testimonials each day to stay pumped

Now these are just a few of my goals, and I know it seems a bit much, but with a plan, this is doable!  I have people keeping me accountable, daily challenge apps keeping me accountable, motivation to change and more on my side!  I wanted to introduce these to y’all today and I’ll give updates periodically as to how I’m doing.  This is just another way to keep me on track :]

Did you make 2014 goals? Have you stuck to them?  Have you rethought the ones you made?  Are you ready to throw in the towel?

I give you permission to keep me accountable and I’m here for you should you want accountability!  I know this is kind of a cliff “how to” on keeping your goals…no “what’s my game plan”, but if I gave everything out in one blog post, I couldn’t keep you coming back for more :]  I’ll leave you with this…

Last year I made resolutions…I broke resolutions…this year I made goals…goals are made to be achieved and I’m rockin’ it so far!


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