Meet The Family

Welcome to our little corner of the world wide web!!  This site will give you the 411 on the Stout 4…hopefully 6 soon!  We are not preggo, but we have been looking into adoption since October 2012.  God knows when our kids will be home, so until then we pray and wait :]

Let me introduce the clan so far…

Johnny “You can call me Hammer” Daddy

HammerHere’s Johnny!  He’s a Jesus lover, an amazing husband, the father all men hope to be an a fierce friend!He is a coach at our daughter’s school {it’s been his school since 2000, but now that our oldest goes there, it’s hers now:]} and is in charge of tons of kids.  While coaching the future of America, he can be seen with bows in his hair and a goofy grin on his face.  He will do anything for a laugh from the kids!

Johnny leads our family Biblically and challenges me to be a better Christian, Wife and Mom.  We are so blessed that the Lord saw fit for Johnny to be the head of our family!  Thanks God {fist bump}!!

Christy “Zipper” Mommy

Christy ChristmasWell, that’s me folks in all my glory :]  I rarely take a serious pic, so this is what you get!!  Alright so I’m a Jesus freak, a wifey, a mommy and a pretty darn good friend as long as you don’t expect me to call you all the time {I’ll call you soon…you know who I’m talking to…I promise}.Zipper is my maiden name and despite all my good intentions, I just can’t seem to shake it, so I’ve embraced the Zipper and most people still call me by that name to this day

I have several jobs and I love them all! I’m the social media person at one job, a seamstress at another and an Ambassador at yet another!  If you need gymnastics, baby shower goodies or Plexus Products, I’m your gal!

Josephine “Joey”

JoeyThis little lady is none other than Joey Leigh Stout!  She was named after my Great Grandmother and my 2 long time besties.Joey started Kindergarten this year at her daddy’s school and is loving every moment of it!  It’s been really fun to see her make friends and learn all sorts of fun things!  Her teacher is amazing and we are so blessed that she loves on our girl.

Joey loves to read and draw.  She wants nothing more than to be an art teacher when she grows up.

Joey is often too smart for her own good and will try to out logic anyone who comes in between her and what she wants.

Samantha “Sammy”

1531644_10152063028836878_37252952_nOh sweet goofy Sammy.  This is our youngest daughter who, as you can see, is all about making people laugh!  When we were preggo, I prayed that God would give us funny kids and he delivered in a mighty way!Sammy is in preschool and loves her teachers.  She’s super snugly and always wants to cuddle up all the time.

Sammy is the status quot little sister who always wants to be doing what big sister wants to do!  She loves to play with Barbies and blame other people for the bad things she has done :]


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