He Gets Her

If you haven’t met my hubs, you are missing out!  Johnny loves the Lord, loves his neighbor, loves his wife, loves his kids and loves his strategerie…..he also loves making words up like “strategerie”, but that’s neither here nor there :]

If you haven’t met my oldest daughter, you are missing out!  Joey loves Jesus, loves her family, loves her “BFFs”, loves anything artsy, loves to sing her conversations, and she loves to think things out.

I get Joey on the artsy, music level {we can sing conversations for days}, and I even kind of get her on the thinking things out bit, but her father really gets her on the strategy thing…..I get bored with it :]

They play things like checkers and don’t freak out when one person takes tooooooooooo long to move because they are thinking 5 moves ahead!  Johnny enjoys teaching Joey the strategy of the game like “well if you move there, then I’ll move here then you can jump me here but then I’ll get a double jump and a king cause I’ll go here.”.  This makes me want to pull my hair out!  I play checkers and want to be done before we even started.


Checkers 2

I’m so glad they have each other :]  He gets her!


One of Those Days

I know you know what I’m talking about…we’ve all had them.  The kids wake up whining, but you press on, get them dressed, brush the teeth, feed them breakfast, then one of the kids says she doesn’t want to go to school cause she doesn’t feel good, the second kid follows suit by not wanting to go to school either.  Kindergartener gets shoved out the door with Daddy to go to school and Preschooler throws up.

This was our exact story this morning.  Both kids where whining and not wanting to go to school but I held on to hope until she lost in all over herself and the couch :[.  Sammy was in and out of sleep all day….

Sammy Sick

When she wasn’t asleep we were watching TV…this morning alone, I’ve seen Sofia the First, My Little Ponies, Chloe’s Closet, Clifford the Big Red Dog, and Strawberry Shortcake. Oh. My. Word.

When we weren’t watching TV, she was munching on Cheerios and sipping water.  The good news is that she hasn’t lost it again, but I’m not sure we are out of the woods yet!

At 2p I get a call from Johnny…guess who ended up in the nurse’s office with a fever?  That’s right, Joey ended up sick…at least there was a reason for the whining this morning!  So she’s home too…

Joey Sick

We watched Frozen when Joey got home and we are currently watching Sofia the First for the second time today.  Once Sammy threw up, Johnny got a sub for tomorrow so their plan is to sleep in and watch more TV tomorrow I’m sure.

Please pray that this is not the flu or anything crazy!  I’m hoping this bug passes quick and none of us adult types get it!!